Should Youths Depend on a Job in This 21st Century?

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Should Youths Depend on a Job in This 21st Century

Should youths depend on a job in this 21st century?

Should youths depend on a job in this 21st century?

Is job the answer in this 21st century?We are told that education is the key to success but does that key still open the job doors in this 21st century?

That key probably opened the door for our parents, but it appears that the padlock has been changed in our time. The key no longer works, we have the key yet we are stranded. Our parents graduated from school and got a job and every parent desires his child to be more successful.

You had the key to success, you inserted the key in the lock, it opened and you grabbed success. Through much harder work your children got the same key which you had but the door has refused to open for them. Frustrating and disappointing, isn’t it?

It is your desire for your children to achieve more success than you and not the other way round. So why isn’t the key working for them? What has changed? Where did the children miss it? Or could it be the government that has missed it? is the government at fault?

The thing is that the scene of the world is changing and change itself is the only thing that is permanent. That key of your parents is the old model, a new design has been developed. Do you understand? We can’t use that obsolete key to open the modern door. It is time for a shift in mindset.

The problems of  job in this 21st century

The labour market is more saturated than it was in our father’s time. That is one factor.Then, there is another problem – youths go to school for the wrong reason. The mindset of 90% undergraduates is, “when I graduate I’ll look for a job.”

Also, our parents contributed their own quarter of the problem, they impose their will on us, so many youth become what their parents what them to be. A child who loves music is forced to study medicine

The institutions are not left out in the job crisis the youth have today. How is a student supposed to acquire the necessary skills needed just learning theory?

Should Youths Depend on a Job in This 21st Century?

What is education meant to accomplish?

We go to school to acquire knowledge, isn’t it? The knowledge should in turn equip us to solve problems. Now there is a relationship between problem solving and money. Money is a reward for solving problems. Identify a problem, solve it and make money.

Sadly, your job mindset defeats the purpose of education. You become a parasite who depend on other people to identify a problem, then use your brain and manpower to solve it. Do you understand what that means?

You spend eight to ten hours a day solving problems for your employer, in other words you make him a lot of money in exchange for a monthly salary which doesn’t even commensurate with the quality of service you put in.

Then this little money gets into your head and you forget your own dreams and keep building his. Little wonder entrepreneurs say that salary is a bribe given to an employee to forget his dreams. Sometimes, the people you work for are the less learned category. Imagine the unlettered using the elite to make money. What an irony! Who is to blame?

Your Destiny is in your hands

Irrespective of the failure of our institutions, the society at large and the ignorance of our parents and guidance, you can still change your destiny, only you can do it. Your future is in your hands. All you need is a shift in mindset. Try to see reasons why depending on a job can mean sentencing yourself to life poverty.

  • Job seekers outnumber available jobs.
  • The few available jobs won’t fetch you sufficient income, salary is never enough.
  • No job security – you face the probability of being sacked anytime or your salary downsized.
  • Job can’t make you rich. To think that your job can make you rich is to say that your employer can make your rich which is almost impossible.
  • Job makes you a slave. You are like a remote control to your boss, a toll. He owns you and your time.
  • Think of your retirement day, what happens when you retire?

Should youths depend on a job?

Now should you depend on a job? How about you channel your effort into building your own business. How about you identify problems and solve them to make money for yourself? Even if you do have a job, think of a business that can generate extra income for you so that you have something to fall back on in case of any eventuality. What you need, I repeat, is a shift in mindset.

Let me ask you some thought provoking questions. Can you name any salary earner whose name is in the list of the richest people in your country or the world at large? Mention ten top richest people in your country and ten top richest people in the world. What do they do?

I’m sure by now you have the answer. They are entrepreneurs. So you see, instead of thinking of a job, think business. This means that the key to financial freedom is no longer job, it’s entrepreneurship. Now you know why the success door refuses to open, you have been using the wrong key. So go grab the key to success now. You should not depend on a job in this 21st century.

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