Shocking Revelations about the Ikoyi Collapsed Building

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Shocking Revelations about the Ikoyi Collapsed Building

Shocking Revelations about the Ikoyi Collapsed Building

Shocking Revelations about the Ikoyi Collapsed Building which happened at Gerald Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Like Wild fire, the news of the Ikoyi collapsed building on the 1st of November 2021 spread throughout the nation and beyond. Apparently, I had gone to Banana Island for a business. I left my home by 1:30 pm for a teaching appointment which was scheduled for 3:00pm. I was to teach three students, a mother and her two daughters for three hours- one hour each. One of the daughters would return home late as she usually stays for extra curricula activities every Monday. Therefore, her class was always the last.

By 5:00 pm my client came out to tell me that a building had collapsed nearby causing heavy traffic. Her daughter and the driver were stuck in traffic, so she wouldn’t be able to have my class. Little did I know I would come face to face with the incident? I walked from ocean Parade down to Banana Island estate gate only to discover that the road was totally blocked. I kept walking through Banana Island Road. It was my hope that at a point in the nearest distance the road would be free. Then, I would board a vehicle but to no avail. The further I walked, the heavier the traffic. I didn’t  know I was very close to the venue of the unfortunate incident.

My Encounter with the collapsed Building

I walked down the road leading to Osborn and from a distance I sighted a crowd. That was it. It was the site where the building had collapsed, and the crowd had gathered to feed their eyes, and get firsthand information. It was so real; I saw it face to face. The rescue workers were at the site with ill-fated equipment not even near good enough to offer a glimpse of hope for the trapped victims.

Shocking Revelations on the Ikoyi Collapsed Building

Why did the Ikoyi Building Collapse?

I had thought that the Ikoyi zone was too civilized for such cheap mistakes. If it happened somewhere in the Ajah part of the Island, I wouldn’t be surprised. If it happened in the Mainland, I wouldn’t be surprised. Ikoyi is inhabited by high profile people.  I had thought they take extra care in designing buildings over there. After all, were the apartments not going to to be sold out to the high profiles?  Though, no human life is worth toying with.

From 15 storey Building to 21 Storey Building

Shocking! Isn’t it? Less than 24 hours after the ill-fated incident, the Lagos state government came up with a shocking revelation. The owner got approval for 15 storey building. Instead of the 15 stoey building approved, he erected a 21 floor building. Ikoyi is where many of the Nigerian billionaires live. The collapsed building, if it had been completed would have been rented out or sold to such billionaires. Many of who people who live in that area are white people. I mean, is this the quality of building he was going to sell or rent out to these kind of people? Come of it, the owner had every good reason to ensure the building was made with every care.

A Contradictory Report on the Ikoyi 21 Storey Collapsed Building

Contrary to the statement issued by the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency, Gbolahan Oki, who said the government approved a 15 storey building, and also added that the materials used were so inferior, the Lagos State deputy governor, Dr Femi Hamzat said a 21 storey building approval was actually  granted to the project owner. Dr Femi made this known to an arise News reporter. According to him, the approval was done 3 years ago, and 21 storey building was actually approved for this particular project. He said the collapse of the building was a construction fault and had nothing to do with the number of floors constructed.

One would have expected the deputy governor to go deeper into the construction faults he claimed was responsible for the collapse of the building, but up till now information about this is still sketchy.

Eye Witness Report on the Ikoyi Collapsed Building

A construction worker who was working on a 14 storey building next to the collapsed one was said to have narrowly escaped death as evidenced by the dust from the rubbles of the building. He gave first hand report to an Arise news reporter. He said, “We were working on the 14- stoery building, and the other people were working on the 21-storey building.” “We noticed a vibration and before we knew it, we could not see the 21 storey building again; it was collapsing.” “What we know is that more 50 people were working there; even the owner of the building was there.”

The construction workers reported that the emergency response was so poor as the people on ground kept calling for help for over an hour to no avail. The construction workers who were working on the neighboring buildings did the early rescues pending the arrival of the professional rescue team.

Shocking Revelations on the Ikoyi Collapsed Building

What were the construction Faults on the Ikoyi collapsed building?

Well, information regarding this is still very sketchy, but we do hope that the authorities will come out with more specific details for the sake of general awareness and to prevent future occurrence. This tragic history must not repeat itself. Report has it that the authorities have authorized further investigation over the issue. We do hope that they get to the bottom of it as serious issues of national concern like this one should not be swept under the carpet.

The Ikoyi  collapsed building which happened on the 1st of November, 2021 is a very tragic incident whose history will remain ever green in the heart of Nigerians.





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