Magodo Landlors Move to Reclaim Properties

Magodo Landlors Move to Reclaim Properties

Magodo Landlors Move to Reclaim Properties

Magodo Landlors Move to Reclaim Properties taken from them by the Lagos State Government after 37 years.

On Tuesday, the 21st of December 2021, Christmas preparation seems to have gone sour for the residents of Shangisha, Magodo Phase 2 as they lived in fear of losing their properties to Shangisha Landlords. The police came in their numbers and invaded the area.

The police offices invited by the Shangisha Landlord Association had come with bulldozers to bulldoze properties belonging to the residents in the affected area. The group had marked some buildings for demolition.

According to the group they were acting on the Supreme Court verdict. They claim that the court had ruled in their favor mandating the Lagos State government to return 549 plots of land to the Shangisha Landlord Association, the original owners of the land.

On that faithful Tuesday, the incident had caused a stampede at Magodo Phase 2 entrance gate. The residents had come out en mass and were heard saying that they would defend what is theirs. Also the area is known to have lots of workers who earn a living rendering services to the occupants of the area.

The entrance gate was over crowded as people found it difficult to gain access to the estate. Workers were struggling to gain entrance into the estate to know what fate held for them amidst the unrest. While others waited at the gate to determine the outcome of the heavy presence of police officials.

The dispute between the Lagos State Government and the Shangisha Landlord Association dates back to 1984. The chairman of the Shangisha Landlord Association, Mr. Adebayo Adeyiga alleged that the Lagos State Government disposed them of their lands. According to him, members of the landlord association were forcefully evicted from their land. The government took possession of the land and demolished all the houses belonging to the original landlords

He stated that the Lagos State Government had claimed that it was going to build hospitals on the land which they took possession of. To their utmost dismay, the government did not build any hospitals. Instead they were allotting plots of land to high profile people known to them..

This prompted the Shangisha Landlord Association to approach the Lagos State government over the dishonest deal. According to the chairman of the landlord’s association, the state government had promised to give his members plots from Magodo Scheme 2. However, the Lagos State government did not fulfil its promise.

Following their failure to allot plots of land from scheme 2 to members of the landlord association, the association resolved in June 1988 to sue the Lagos State government. While the case was yet undecided, the Lagos State government continued construction activities on the land. They also continued to allocate more and more plots to investors. This made the association apply for interlocutory injunction. This was granted by the late Justice A. L. Balogun on October, 1992

On May 17, 1993, justice seemed to have located The Association when the then Lagos government Late Mr Michael Otedola ordered that the land be released to its original owners. Unfortunately, the order was ignored by members of the Lagos State officials.

Also the trial court ruled on December 31, 1993 that the State should allocate 549 plots of the land to members of The Association. Their hope, however, was dashed when the Lagos government appealed the judgment. In 1994.Victory for the landlord association was maintained when the appeal court upheld the given by the lower court.

The state government again affirmed their dissatisfaction with the judgment of the appeal court by taking the case to the Supreme Court. Again, they lost the case on February 10, 2012.Victory has permanently relocated to the side of the Shangish Landlord Association.

Following the court’s ruling in favor of the Landlord Association, the Lagos State government has, however, promised to resolve the matter amicably. It says that both parties will reach a resolution. Governor Sanwo-Olu said this on his visit to Magodo Phase 2 following a protest that erupted.

The land dispute between the Landlord Association and the Lagos State Government started since the 80s when the government disposed the Shangisha Landlords. Recall that the Supreme Court had ruled that the Lagos State Government should allocate a total of 549 plots of land to the Landlord association.

Governor Sanwo-Olu took a step further by inviting representatives of the Landlord association for a meeting in order to seek a peaceful resolution. The government has promised to look for available plots of land within the Magodo Scheme 2 premises. It further stated that in the event that there are no available plots of land, it would seek alternative plots of land to allocate to the landlords.

In the main time, the police has been warned to keep away from the residence and refrain from any demolishment attempts as the government is solidly on top of the matter. We hope the Landlord Association has finally got justice and that the present Shangisha residents will not lose their properties.


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