Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Counting the Losses

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Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Counting the Losses

Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Counting the Losses

Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Counting the Losses- No fewer than 40 dead bodies have been pulled out of the rubble of the collapsed building. The 21 storey building collapsed in the 1st of November, 2021 with over 50 people, including the owner of the building trapped. The very first victim pulled out of the rubble was found dead.

Recall that an American based real estate dealer, Wale Bob- Oseni, was among those trapped under the rubble. Mr Wale Bob-Oseni  was a friend of Femi Osibona , the managing director of Fourscore Homes and owner of the collapsed building. He was returning to the US when his friend Mr Femi Osibona called him to come and check out the site. His driver drove him straight to the site with the intention of heading to the International airport thereafter. We regret to announce tha Mr Bob-Oseni will never return to America as met his end on that faithful day. Mr Bob Oseni’s corpse was recovered on Thursday.

As if that wasn’t  enough tragedy, Mr Femi Osibona, the Managing Director of Fourscore Homes himself was also found death. His body was also recovered on Thursday alongside his friend. Mr Osibona was the owner of the Ikoyi building which collapsed on Monday, the 1st of November.

A female member of the National Youth Service Corpse, Zainab Sanni who was earlier reported to have been under the rubble, was recovered dead. The 26 yea old corpse member had just returned from a lunch break when the 21 storey building fell. The lady was said to have requested a transfer from Borno State were she was earlier posted to Lagos owing to the increase in insurgence in Borno State.

Also, recall that it was earlier reported that a Redeem Christian Church of God’s (RCCG’s) pastor, Ogunfuwa, with 22 others who came with him, were all under the ruble. The men were among the over 50 people working on the 21 story building when it suddenly collapsed. Sadly, none of the members of the RCCG made it out alive.

Ikoyi Collapsed Building: Counting the Losses

Another 26 year old lady, Onyinye Enekwe was also recovered dead. The lady was a new employee of Fourscore Homes Limited and had barely worked for one week when the tragic incident occurred. The lady’s wedding had been scheduled for December.

A CNN reporter, Stephanie Busari, who had gone to the site to cover the event of the Ikoyi Building collapse mourns his friend who was trapped in there. According to Punch News, the reporter was on ground to record the unfortunate incident, not knowing that her friend was a victim and was still under the rubble while she was there.

The family of Iwelu who was trapped in the collapsed building had printed photographs of their relative and displayed it at the site. On Wednesday the 3rd of November. .Busari, the Bureau Head of CNN Africa, said she was reporting a few meters away from the site. While expressing her grief, she said she would have screamed her friend’s name and dig through the rubble had she known he was trapped under. Obviously, Iwelu was found dead.

As events unfolded, more discoveries came to light as Yusuf, a 17 year old boy, Toheeb Yusuf made it on the list of the missing victims of the collapsed building. According to Yusuf’s mother, he didn’t feel like going to work that day but she persuaded him to go in order to help put food on the table. A relative of Yusuf Yusuf stated that they had been to the hospital where the survivors were rushed to but he wasn’t there.

In addition, from all indication, the 21 storey building which collapsed at Gerald Road, Ikoyi has turned Kafayat Ajayi into a widow. According to her, they had been married for 12 years before the incident. In her distress, she always had her eyes on her phone, probably expecting a call from her husband. She said a pastor from the Redeemed Christian Church of God had called her husband informing him of the construction work at Ikoyi.

A couple of weeks before the building collapse, Temitope Ajayi, the husband of bereaved Kafayat was working in Ogun State. On his return the Redeemed Pastor informed him of the work at Ikoyi, Lagos. He, together with some workers followed the pastor to the site for inspection. On learning that more workers were needed he returned home and gathered more worker. He finally left home on Sunday with the workers he had assembled. They went in company of the pastor. Obviously, this group are the 22 people who were said to have been brought by the Redeem pastor.

According to vanguard news, the Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu had revealed on November 7 that 15 survivors has been recorded while death toll had reached 42. He noted that 9 survivors had earlier been recorded. With the additional 6 survivors we now have a total of 15 survivors.

Meanwhile, the Lagos State, Babajide Sanwolu, was seen visiting the survivors of the Ikoyi collared building at the hospital where they had been taken to. He has also visited the scene of the collared building and urged the rescue workers to intensify their efforts to rescue more victims. The inspector general of police, Mr. Usman Baba was also seen at the site on Tuesday the 2nd of November. Also at the site was Sadiya Usmar Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. He aided the mobilization of a rescue team

The former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu was also among those who visited the site of the collapsed building. He went in company of the present governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo- Olu and Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi, Sule

This isn’t the first time a building has collapsed in Lagos, but this is perhaps the most tragic. The 21 storey building which collapsed at Ikoyi, Lagos was indeed a national disaster. Over 40 families were thrown into mourning. For some, their only crime was going out to look for daily bread. The 1st of November 2021 will remain a national mourning, an indelible day














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