Ikoyi Collapsed Building Victims Still Trapped on Day 3

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Ikoyi Collapsed Building Victims Still Trapped on Day 3

Ikoyi Collapsed Building Victims Still Trapped on Day 3

When I got to the scene of the incident on the 3rd of November 2021, rescue operation was still going on. However, this is now medicine after death. Should it even still be called rescue a rescue mission? It is obvious they are now recovering dead bodies. It will take a miracle for any victim to still be alive after 4 days.

Reports of the causalities have been immerging day-by-day, and the death toll keeps rising. Recall that an eye witness confirmed that the 21 storey building had fallen over 50 construction workers. This includes the owner of the building and his friend. As at the early hours of today the 4th of November, 2021, the death toll has risen to twenty one.

Among those trapped in the rubbles is an American based real estate developer, Wale Bob- Oseni.  He is friend of the collapsed building’s owner. His driver who was spotted crying said that he was driving his boss to the international airport. Mr Wale was on his way to the airport when he got a call from his friend to come over. His friend had wanted him to come and check out the development on the project so far before travelling.

In addition, Mr Femi Osibona , the managing director of Fourscore Heights Limited is also among the over 50 people trapped. As at Wednesday the 3th of November, it was not clear if he had been rescued. Mr Femi Osibona had come to the site to supervise work at the building.  Rumor had made round that he had been arrested over illegal construction. However, an eye witness maintained that he was among the trapped victims.

Furthermore, a corps member, Zainab Sanni, was unfortunately one of the victims. Zainab, a 26 year old female member of the Youth Corps, had gone out for lunch. Shortly after her return, the building collapsed. It is said that there were six corps members working at Fourscore Homes, but zainab was the only one who got trapped. Her mother wept uncontrollably, and appealed to  the Lagos state governor to help rescue her daughter.

Also, a pastor of the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), Ogunfuwa, is encaged in the collaped building. The pastor and engineer is said to have come with 22 other people to work on the site. All 22 workers are among those trapped in the rubble. Till today the 3rd of November, not even one out of the 22 men has been found, according to Punch

As the causalities keeps rising, another victim has been added to the list. A 26 year old lady identified as Onyinye Enekwe is said to have been brought out dead. She was a new employee of Foursquare Homes, and a personal assistant to the Managing Director. Onyinye resumed work on the 30th of October, 2021, and died just three days after. Her body was recovered on November 3. The young lady died just a month to her wedding.

An OAU 400 student. Sola Babalola, who cheated death that ugly day shared a photo she had taken with her colleagues shortly before the building collapsed. Sola is a civil engineering students who was on Internship. She was with the other construction workers shortly before the 21 storey building fell. Narrating how she escaped death, she said the workers were to have a meeting that afternoon, and she was sent to buy some food and some drink. She then decided to go in company of her colleague who was also meant to attend the meeting. No sooner had they crossed the gate than the building collapsed.


As at Wednesday the 3rd of November, over 20 corpses had been recovered. Rescue operation still continues as more victims are still trapped in the 21 storey collaped building. Meanwhile, relatives of the victims whose body has been recovered were heard complaining that they are not allowed access to the morgue where their relatives’ bodies have been deposited. The reason for the denial is yet unknown.


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