How to Rent a House Fast in Lagos State

How to rent a house fast in Lagos State

How to Rent a House Fast in Lagos State

How to rent a house fast in Lagos State is deserves a space in real estate or property blogs. If you live in Lagos, the giant of Nigeria and the second most populous city in Africa, what can you do to rent a house fast and avoid the frustration that accompanies accommodation seeking in Lagos State?

Renting a house in Lagos can be very tedious. Have you heard people say, “I’m tired of looking for a house?” “They have taken me round the whole Lagos, yet I can’t find a good house.” “Oh! They’re just showing me shit.

Renting a house in Lagos is actually not that easy. One of the reasons is the fact that Lagos is densely populated. So the number of house seekers surpasses the number of available houses. In the words of the economists, demand is higher than supply, and this factor has made renting a house so expensive. Other factors include low budget and over population.

My Experience in Renting a House in Lagos State

My first experience was in the late 2000s. I was quite young. Actually at that age, I should have someone rent a house and put me in there and not me renting for myself. But renting a house was the only choice I had. I have always loved decency, so that was a priority.

The truth is, if you are looking for a face me I face you, decency is farfetched. It is very difficult to get a neat face me I face you in Lagos. People whose budget speaks face me I face you while their desires speak flat usually find it difficult to settle for a house because it is very difficult for the agent to get what they want. This was the problem I had.

Sometimes the house was a bit okay but the toilet would be an eyesore. Of course, toilet is always the major problem. At other times, you have and entirely messy compound. Also, you can’t rule out congestion in Lagos houses. Trust Lagosians on this, the only region that knows how to make money with their land. They won’t spare any space, and even ventilation would be in want of a space to supply you oxygen.

I was taken here and there, shown all kinds of houses, encountered all the above problems until I finally settled for one. When I eventually met the caretaker of the house I settled for, he remarked, “The agents said you have dragged them everywhere.”  Then came my greatest fear. When you are looking for a house, there are just things you won’t notice until you move in. The compound was littered with orthopedic patients, they had bandages on either hands or legs or both. Blood poured everywhere. I was distressed.

How could almost all the tenants have broken bones? To compound the problem, I couldn’t  speak the language of the locality, Yoruba. Luckily, a friend of mine came visiting. She inquired in Yoruba why there were so many accident victim in the compound. Then she was told they were there for treatment. The landlady was a native bone healer. My heart, which was hanging on a tree, came down knowing it wasn’t what I thought – the house wasn’t ocultic. Luckily for me, shortly after I moved in, the bone healer relocated her patients to her new building.


How to Rent a House Fast in Lagos State

Why renting a house in Lagos is difficult.

While it is true to some extent, it is not totally true that getting a good house fast in Lagos is such a big deal. Below are the reasons people find it difficult to rent a house in Lagos.

Low Budget

The leading problem which makes getting a house in Lagos linger is low budget. Most of the time, the house seeker’s taste is bigger than his budget. As a result, they reject every house the agent shows them. In the present Nigeria, a good room self-contain the boisterous parts of Lagos mainland ranges from N350, 000 to 500,000, while in Lagos Island it ranges from N350, 000 to Ni, 000,000, depending on the part of island. Now come to add legal fees like agreement, agency and caution. If the main rent is N350, be prepared to pay additional N150, 000 as legal fee, bringing to total to N500, 000.

Some people have a budget of N300, 000 for both rent and legal fee, but their taste of a house is that of N400, 000. If your budget meets your taste believe me you will get a house fast. Getting anything from self-contain to flats and duplex isn’t so hard if your budget is reasonable.

Now let me return to my story. Recently I rented a house, it was a self-contain. I spent some time but the online agents weren’t just straight forward. Some lack professionalism, talk to their prospective clients with no atom of respect. Some even advertise houses that do not exist just to collect viewing fee. I decided to go offline.

I met an agent on a Wednesday, told him my budget and my taste of a house. He asked for registration fee (N3, 000) the following day, Thursday, I returned with the 3k. He made a call and showed me a house immediately. On Friday, I paid the rent with legal fees. You might say I was lucky. Okay, fine. But suppose I didn’t have the money to pay for what I wanted? I got it because I was ready for it. One agent usually says, “If there is money, there is house.”

Over population

Another reason renting a house fast in Lagos seems difficult is over population. The population of Lagos State in 2022 is 15,388,000. Because of this density, it is difficult to meet the housing need of Lagosians. It appears that house seekers surpass the available houses, especially in the developed areas. Therefore, it is a case of first come, first serve.

Solution: Before you approach an agent to get you a house, and before you go to inspect any house, make sure you are ready. Of course your readiness is your money. This way once you like the house and you are satisfied with the conditions you pay and have your key. Another alternative to getting a house fast in Lagos is to move to less busy and less developed areas like Ayobo, Egbeda, Ibeju Lekki, Ojodu begger, to mention only a few

You want face me I face you

This is the worst of public house, so if it is what you can afford, be prepared to spend a long time look for a manageable one. My story above already explained the difficulty you are sure to encounter when what you are looking for is face me I face you. It is pretty difficult to get a good one. One of the reasons why this is so is because most people who leave there are illiterates who don’t care about cleanliness. They are also usually very troublesome so you can’t rule out fights.

Solution: If you know you live on a tight budget, start early to look for a house. Do not wait until the time you have has elapsed. If you have to rent a house in a rush, you might end up taking what you don’t like because time is not on your side. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

Dilapidated houses

Many houses in Lagos are dilapidated Lagos Landlords take advantage of the population to leave their houses unmaintained. Lagos Landlords know that there is always someone to rent their dilapidated houses no matter how bad it looks, so they don’t bother fixing them. This makes it difficult for the people who care about decency to get a good house.

Solution: The solution to this is in your own house because there’s nothing you can do to the landlord. The only solution is to save enough money for a decent house

The best way to  beat all the factors responsible for responsible for delay and frustration in renting a house in Lagos State is to have a reasonable budget and make sure your money is handy. That is how to rent a house fast in Lagos State.






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