How to Prevent Snakes from Entering Your House

How to Prevent Snakes from Entering Your House

How to prevent snakes from entering your house is a topic quite many will be interested in, while some may feel they don’t have the need. But the truth is we all need the knowledge. That you have not encountered a snake does not mean you will never, and you do not have to wait until you encounter it before you learn because it might be too late then.

Many of my posts are based on personal experience. I am propelled to make this post by the experience I had recently in my new location. If anyone told me I would be so close to snake encounters, I would tell the person to shut the hell up. I thought that living in the city shields me from snakes.

I have lived in Lagos since my early childhood. I grew up in a very busy area with no undeveloped plots. Even as busy as the area was there were still houses built near the canals though not very close to us, yet I never heard of snake stories. Did their stories go untold? I do not know.

Recently I moved to a new neighborhood, Gbagada to be precise. The area is very middle class. It is the last place I would expect to hear of snake menace. I assumed the place was all round developed; I was not open to the possibility of bushes existing there.

Contrary to my expectation, next to the very compound where I live is an undeveloped plot. Story has it that the house which was built there sank, so the owner sold it. The new owner has not developed it, and the plot has completely turned into a bush. This has become a hiding place for snakes.

One night, a few days after I moved in, some young men were hitting a snake that had slid into the premises.  Before then, I still never thought of the possibility of snakes existing around there, not even the bush reminded me. You can’t even come close to imagining my freight. I am ophidiophobia. I could not sleep that night. I kept staring on the ceiling and walls, as if everywhere I turned to there was a snake.

Less than two months later, I heard my next door neighbor grumbling and the man who had come to visit them that night trying to calm them down. Soon the ladies where outside while some young men went in search of the snake. They checked every nook and corner in the sitting room where the snake was sighted, including bedroom, but there was no sign of it. They left the house for a few days while they waited for the pest control people to come and do the needful. It is just day two of the incident as I type, and we are still waiting for the fumigators.

This is not a funny experience at all. Imagine living in a house and have to have your eyes fixed on the ceiling and walls all the time! Imagine returning home after a stressful day and have to check all the hidden corners in your home!

How do snakes enter the house?

Once you live in a snake prone area, they can easily slide into your house. But don’t worry, this post will provide helpful tips on how you can protect your home from snakes.

How to Prevent Snakes from Entering Your House

Snake proof your door.

Snakes can slide in through the tiniest space. I told you about the snake that entered my neighbor’s apartment. Well, we found it this morning. They sprayed chemical in the room on Sunday the 1st of May, left the house for two days, returned today Tuesday and found it dead. Guess what! It has a very tiny body but long. We were all wondering how it entered, but after seeing the tiny thing, no surprises anymore. Your door is one of the most vulnerable places. Therefore, block every space.

Seal up every hole in your house.

Holes in your room, kitchen, toilet and your store can be a hiding place for snakes. This also includes cracks on the wall. Do not leave any loop holes for snakes to slide in. If you leave in snake prone environ, having holes around your home is like building a house for snakes. They can live there for months without your knowledge. Also, do not ignore the holes within the compound. Once they exist within the compound your rooms are not safe.

Don’t over stock your house

Overstocking your house does not only encourage snakes to live in it, but also allows its preys to find comfort in your home. Snakes are carnivorous animal. This means they feed on other animals. Some of their preys are rodents, birds, frogs, insects and more. If your area is prone to snakes and you have their food in your house, they will enter if they find a space to crawl in.

Keep your house Clean

Dirty house breeds rodents and insects as already mentioned above. These rodents and insects are snake food. Therefore, make sure your house is anti-rodent. A dirty house attracts rodents. Fumigate your house regularly to get ready of insects. Also when you fumigate, the smell of the chemical will drive snakes away.

Weed your garden and keep grass short

If you have a garden near your home, weed it regularly, keep grass low, and also make sure it is not frog friendly. Ensure enough drainages both in your garden and the entire environs. This is because once a body of water forms, amphibians will likely live there. Water attracts animals that snakes prey on.  Not only will snakes come to hunt the animals, snakes themselves like water.

If like me, you’ve got an undeveloped land around you, or there’s a canal near your house that attracts snake, there’s little you can do other than protect your apartment from snakes. Here are additional tips to stop snakes from crawling in.

Snakes are sensitive to certain smells, so these scents act as propellers.

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Kerosene and water
  • Bitter cola
  • Chemicals that repel snakes.

I will talk about this in details in a future post, so check back to read it. Maintain, the above tips on how to prevent snakes from entering your house will really help if you apply them.




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