Best Hot Properties/Lands on Sale in Lagos in 2020

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Best Hot Properties/Lands on Sale in Lagos in 2020

Are you wondering where you can buy land or properties in Lagos? Whether you are a residence of Lagos State or you live outside Lagos, acquiring a landed property in Lagos isn’t a bad idea. After all, isn’t Lagos the center of excellence?

With the population explosion in Lagos State, one will wonder if empty lands still exists. The truth is that land exists everywhere in Lagos, including, the densely populated towns and the commercial areas.

While land is available for sale everywhere in Lagos, not everyone can afford land in Lagos metropolitan. That is why you find that majorly companies are purchasing land in already developed part of Lagos and commercial centers. Two reasons account for this:

  1. Lands in these areas are extremely expensive, so expensive that the average people cannot afford them. Only companies and the middle class have this kind of capital.
  2. Companies need where people can be found to thrive. Hence, the buy land in the central area of the city. Therefore, individuals who desire to acquire landed property, particularly the average, are pushed to the suburbs or less developed part of the state.

A very big mistake many people make is to hold back from buying land from these interior places where lands are readily available and relatively cheap. They wonder when they will develop. Some think they won’t develop anytime soon. This is a huge mistake.

If you doubt ask people who bought landed property at Ikorodu or Mowe how much they bought lands and how much same plots are sold today. You will be surprised at your findings and realize that you made a mistake you’ll never forgive yourself for.

It is not too late though. If you made a mistake not purchasing land at some places for fear it might take too long to develop, do not repeat same mistake twice. Once beaten, twicw shy. Here are some places in Lagos where you can still buy land relatively cheap/

Best Hot Properties/Lands on Sale in Lagos in 2020


You can still get a land in Ikorodu ranging from N500,000 naira, depending on the area and the size of the plot. If you are looking to buy a property from Ikorodu PWAN has best hot selling properties at Ikorodu.

Best hot land at Excel Villa Phase 2, Ikorodu. We invite you to invest in Excel Villas, Ikorodu. The property is pocket friendly. With as low as N500,000 you can get yourself 300 sqm of land in in this fast developing environment. Call us or send us a mail

Best Hot Properties/Lands on Sale in Lagos in 2020


Ibeju Lekki

This has become the center of attraction as far as landed property is concerned. Ibeju Lekki is developing very fast especially with Dangote refinery being located there and a lot of government project being planned there. Let me show you an amazing property selling right there at the moment.

Lands in Ibeju Lekki and Ibeju Lekki Towns in 2020

6 Good Reasons to Choose Ibeju-lekki for Real Estate Investment

Best Hot Property At Abijo GRA, Ibeju-Lekki

This hot selling property at Abijo GRA Ibeju-Lekki is also owned by PWAN. Lots of clients have already booked their space. The area is fast developing and is attracting a lot of investors, especially as it is near the road. The tile is C of O and it is sold N15 million for 600 sqm.

Best Hot Properties/Lands on Sale in Lagos in 2020

The foresighted has realized this and is getting a position ahead of time.The cost of land here also depends on area of interest. But you can get land starting from as low as N1.5 million

Best Hot Properties on Sale at Prime Shelters, Ibeju-Lekki

Prime Shelters, Ilamija, is located at Ibeju Lekki and is rapidly developing like many parts of Ibeju Lekki. The estate is near the residential axis of Free Trade Zone known as Alaro city. It is just a few minutes work from the express and is surrounded by other estate. In fact, Prime Shelters is estate within the  estate.

Pertinence limited has plots of land on sale at Prime Shelters, Ibeju-Lekki. The properties are pocket friendly, starting from N750,000. To reserve your plot at Prime Shelter, please call or send us a message. You can also follow the link here to register on Pertinence Limited by filling a form.

Properties/Lands on sale at Crystavile Estate, Ibeju-Lekki

Crystavile Estate is located in the heart of Otolu, Ibeju-Lekkei.  PWAN has secured plots in the estate and is ready for allocation. The land is 100% dry and has been fully cleared. The estate comes with wonderful land title. The price is pocket friendly. It sells for 2.250 million/450sqm


Best Hot Property on sale at Lead AvenueLands

In the recent time attention has been shifted to Mowe for the purchase of properties. Many from Lagos have built houses in Mowe and have moved from Lagos to their Mowe house. In a bid to make land affodable Pertinence Limited is offering you units of properties at Mowe, Ogun State.

Book your slot from N50,000. We have units of one bedroom flat, two bedroom flat and three bedroom flat. If you wish to learn more about the offer, I have explained it in details here below.

Own your dream house with as low as 50k

Lead avenue is one of the promising estate in Mowe, Ogun State. Besides units of lands and houses, Pertinence Limited also has full plots and houses for sale at Lead avenue as part of its real estate.  services. Two bedroom sales for between 13 million naira and 15 mllion naira. Three bedroom is sold for 21 million naira and four bedroom 26 million naira.


 There are several other places available in Lagos to choose land from such as, Iyana Ipaja, Ayobo Ipaja, Festac, Badagry and more. It is all a matter of choice. No matter your place of choice be rest assured that we can help you connect with the best real estate companies in Lagos. 

So are you ready for the hot properties or lands on sale in Lagos, then go to Pertinence Limited or PWAN to make you choice. Or visit our property category to select a property. You can also call with the number on this website. Happy buying.

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