7 Offline Marketing Tools that Are Sure to Skyrocket Your Real Estate Sales

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7 Offline Marketing Tools that Are Sure to Skyrocket Your Real Estate Sales

7 Offline Marketing Tools That Are Sure to Skyrocket Your Real Estate Sales

There are seven offline marketing tools that are sure to skyrocket your real estate sales which I will discuss thoroughly in this post. First, what is offline marketing?
In its simplest term, offline marketing is any marketing strategy outside the internet, which means you do not have to burn data. Simply put, offline marketing is the opposite of online or internet marketing. There are various forms of offline marketing tools which if utilized effectively will increase your customer base and result in sales of land/properties.

What are the 7 offline marketing tools that are sure to skyrocket your real estate sales?

7 Offline marketing tools that are sure to skyrocket Your real estate sales
Offline marketing tools for real estate

One on one marketing:

This is a form of offline marketing in which you talk to people you meet face to face using word of mouth to tell them about your products or services.

It is an excellent offline marketing tool you can use to connect to a network of people and skyrocket your real estate sales.

Where can you meet people? People are everywhere you go, you can talk to people in your neighborhood, at your place of worship, at the market, at school, in the bus, at the bus stop, at seminars, event centers, etc.
What can you tell them? Tell them you are a realtor, mention the name of your company, and tell your company’s success story in real estate. Mention where you have lands available and be as sincere as possible. Do not give your clients half information. Answer all their questions with sincerity.
Relate them with clients who have bought from you and if possible show them testimonies. Give all the detail about your business and don’t forget to be sincere. One client deceived can close down your business. Hand them your business card or flyer. You can also give them a link to your website or business pages.

SMS marketing:

The second of the 7 offline marketing tools for real estate is SMS marketing tool. This is another offline marketing tool you can utilize and it is very cost effective. Each time you recharge, irrespective of the communication network you use, you are given some bonus. This leaves you with enough credit balance to send SMS to people in your contact. Your mobile phone is fashioned in such a way that you can send bulk SMS, thereby reaching many people at a time. I personally call it SMS broadcast.
Would you like to skyrocket your real estate sales? Then send SMS when there is a new product, in this case, land/property. Give a short description of the land/property and the place where the land is available. Include a link which will direct them to where they will get more information about the property, possibly your social media pages or website.


The 3rd of the 7 offline marketing tools is flyers. Sharing of flyers is a useful offline marketing tool and is also very cost effective. With 10 thousand naira or less, you can have a thousand flyers printed. The good thing about it is that the larger the quantity, the less the cost. The method of distribution can vary but the goal is the same.
You can have them in your bag and hand them to individuals you come across. But the best way to achieve result with distribution of flyers is to work as a team. Have a team of people stand at strategic places and distribute the flyers. This way you will be able to cover many places and reach more people.
Some companies use a team of entertainers to make their distribution more effective. This is a marketing strategy aimed at drawing people’s attention to the fact that something is going on. It’s like say, “hey look, we’re here, without words. Music is very appealing and has a way of controlling people’s action.
When people slow down to look at the dancers, it gives you an opportunity to approach them. But be careful, you do not just want to hand them flyers and walk away. Believe me some will flip it away as soon as they get out of your presence. Give a warm smile and offer some explanation, point to your contact number. If they forget everything else, they won’t forget your friendly approach and will most likely want to call you when they want to buy property.

Business card

Business card is the 4th of the 7th offline marketing tools that I will discuss. It’s a good idea to have your business card handy. Your business card should briefly define your brand as well as contain contact information.
Your office address, phone number, email address and your website address shouldn’t be left out in your business card. Hand them to potential customers, which include friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers you come across on daily table. Leave some on your office table.


Banners is the 5th offline marketing tool that can skyrocket your real estate sales. Banners are useful promotion tools that appeal to passers-by. The design should be eye catchy and your brand well represented on the banner. Just like your flyer and your business card, your banner should tell people what you do at a glance. Your company name, company address, services/products, email address, mobile phone number, website should all appear in the banner. You will want to take several copies of it to many different places and place them at strategic places, they should be as conspicuous as possible.


Seminar is one of the 7 real estate marketing tools which is an entirely free tool that you can use to reach people one on one. It is also a face to face marketing but the difference is that here you are dealing with a group of people.
I must say this is one of the most powerful of the 7 offline marketing tools. What can you teach about? Do you know that some people are afraid to buy land due to fear of certain scams and misunderstandings associated with landed properties such as: omonile, property title, safety, land survey issues and so on?
Land buyers have a lot of questions they would want answers to before buying. Through seminars you can educate them, clear their doubts and answer all of their questions. Then use the opportunity to distribute your contact information.

Phone contact

Phone call is a great way to market your property. If you don’t have a phone in this era you will be out of business. There’s a reason I had to mention mobile contact last of all. You’ve talked to people one on one, distributed flyers, sent SMS, given out business cards, placed manners and had seminars. Does it end their? If it ends there you can be sure that the result won’t be good.
Of the 7 offline marketing tools that are sure to skyrocket your real estate sales, this is the one you can use to follow up. You’ve got to follow up with phone calls. Real estate and of course every other business line is so competitive that if you are not smart enough you lose your customers to your competitors.
I’m not good with figures yet I can confidently say that the ratio of competitors to clients is 100:1, meaning there are a 100 of your competitors interested in one client. Phone call helps you keep both existing and would be clients close to you.
When you call, it shouldn’t just be about business, be warm and friendly, ask after their well-being and family yet you have to be formal, and don’t forget the overall objective, your business. Your clients might also want to call you when they are ready.  Take advantage of this tool to market your real estate.
These 7 offline marketing tools are sure to skyrocket your real estate sales if well utilized.

7 Offline Marketing Tools that Are Sure to Skyrocket Your Real Estate Sales

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