3 Ways to Grow My real Estate Investment Big

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3 Ways to Grow My real Estate Investment Big

3 Ways to Grow My real Estate Investment Big

3 ways to grow my real estate investment big, what are they? There are 3 ways to grow your real estate investment big?  Every human is born with both the tendency and the capacity to grow physically, mentally and business wise.


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Business growth and expansion is crucial for its survival. The opposite of it is stagnant. If you are reading this post, am I right to conclude that you are a real estate investor or at least a prospective one who is interested in real estate investment expansion? If so you are welcome.

In my previous post I did talk about how you can start small. In case you missed it, you catch up here. If you’ve already started in a small scale, kudos! You’ve taken a humble and wise decision. Your desire to rise above your present status is equally commendable. So how can you grow or expand your real estate business or investment.

3 ways to Grow your Real Estate Investment Big

Here I will be giving out three real estate business expansion tips that is sure to turn your business around.

  • Buy hold and sell.
  • Expand your network
  • Reinvest part of your profit.

Buy, hold and sell

One way to double or even triple your money is to buy a real estate, hold it and sell when the value appreciates. But this is a long term investment scheme and unfortunately, some lack the patience required to make this work. When you suggest this to people the reaction that follows it is, “This place is damn too bushy.” “When the heck will this place develop?” “Five years is too long to wait” It’s too long to wait, right? Ok. Let’s imagine this scenario:

You saved the money in a bank because five years was too long to wait. Now, before you know it one year is gone, two…………., three……………, four………… Going! Going! Gone! Five years have elapsed.  Now go back to your bank account. How much have you gained? Does your money still have the same value as when you deposited it? Is it even still there? Haven’t you spent it on something else?

Next you come to a shocking realization that the property you missed is now priced N1, 000,000, and it was probably two hundred thousand naira when the opportunity presented itself to you. Oh, impatience! Which legit business grows over night? No business have a spontaneous growth.

Supposed you had bought the property and had sold it three or five years late, you would have doubled or even tripled your money and then have more capital for more investment. Patience is the key to business growth. You endow yourself with the right attitude you can grow your real estate big with buy and hold strategy.

I stumbled on a Facebook post that warns people against getting their money stock in real estate. It suggests that buying a land when you do not have the financial capacity to build it will get your money tied down. Well, the statement in itself is not false after all the bible itself even asks if anyone will build a house without first sitting down to calculate its cost.

It is true that everyone wants to own a house as such when an incredible property offer comes one’s way, one would see it as once in a life time opportunity and readily grab it. Then after the purchase one gets stock when one cannot complete the building due to financial disability. Well, I have been talking from the stand point of the author of the post I read on Facebook. May I now present my own view point?

You bought a land a thought you would build it only to realize that you are unable to build. So does that mean you have made a mistake? Is it a wasted investment? To someone who is not foresighted or who does not have a business mindset it might seem like a mistake, but to a business man it is a blessing.

An entrepreneur would make an advantage of the situation. How, there is no mistake in buying a land provided you buy safe. If you cannot build, never worry. Land never depreciates, it only appreciates. You have just made an investment without knowing it. You have held it for five years still cannot build? Now sell it. Did you lose or gain?

Expand Your Network

In addition, expanding your network is another strategy to grow your real estate investment big. How? Find out here. Every business needs interconnection of people called a network. Look at all the big businesses around you.

What is their secret? The answer is people. How about the richest men in the world, could they have attained this height without people? No. Facebook, google, banks, coca cola, what is in them? The answer is still people. Learn how to build a network in real estate.

Reinvest Your Profit

I recall my kid brother’s attitude to business when he was 10 years old. He used to sell groundnut. He would buy two cups of groundnut and after selling, he would keep his little profit and return to the market with the same amount of capital to buy the same fixed quantity.

He did this repeatedly, so one day I advised him to add his profit to his capital and buy a bigger quantity so that he would make a lot of profit. This advice did not go well with him. Of course he had to reason like the kid he was. His response was, “Let me keep this one that I have seen, do you want me to lose my gain?”

It is sad that some people eat up their profit. Consumer mentality never allow them grow. Some adults are worse than kids.  At least my little brother never misused his profit, he only would not reinvest it. This simple act of reinvestment is the difference between the rich and the poor.

The rich will reinvest and reinvest until he has created streams of income. Would you like to adopt the rich man’s mentality of reinvestment and create streams of income? Then learn how to expand your network by reinvestment.

If you apply buy and hold, expand your network and reinvest your profit you will be able to grow your real estate investment big. I have explores in this post 3 ways to grow your real estate investment big/

3 Ways to Grow my Real Estate Investment Big

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