1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake You Must Avoid

1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake You Must Avoid

1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake You Must Avoid

1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake you must avoid to maximize your profit? Are you a real estate agent, marketer or consultant? Then this post is for you. The goal of every real estate agent is to generate leads, and then make sales, and of course, sales is the life blood of every business. But you need whom to sell to. This is where lead generation comes in. Lead generation should proceed sales. Expecting to make sales when you do not have any leads is like stocking your shop and expecting people who do not know your business exists to buy from you.

To make reasonable sales you need to first grow your customer base, then the rest will be history. It is one thing to grow leads, it is yet another thing to grow quality leads. That is why it is important that you avoid this 1 real estate Facebook ad mistake.

1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake You Must Avoid

So what is this 1 real estate Facebook ad mistake you must avoid? It is none other than your interest. And what is ad interest? This means the people you choose to target. You cannot target the wrong audience and expect to make sales. What it means is that you are marketing your properties to the wrong audience. 95% of real estate agents make this real estate ad mistake.

1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake You Must Avoid.

If you were selling, for example, clothing materials, would you advertise them to your competitor? I mean would you advertise your clothes to another who also sells clothes? Certainly no. Your competitor would only do business with you if he does not have the particular design his customer wants. He will either sell it above the normal price to make his own profit, or have you share your own profit with him for helping you sell your product. I am sure this is not what you intend to achieve with your ad. Unfortunately, this is the mistake that 95% of realtors make. I also made this mistake until I was thought by an experienced real estate consultant.

As a real estate agent or marketer, do you recall how many real estate ads you run into in a weak, especially on Facebook? I am often running into real estate ads. I will explain the reason for this.

How Your Real Estate Facebook  Ad is served

Whatever you sell, as long as you run Facebook ad or intends running one, this post is for you. Now, it is important that you store this in your mind. Facebook gathers as much information about you as possible. Facebook algorithm stores information about your activities. It knows the groups you join, the pages you like, and the posts you comment on. So when posts that border on your interest are made, Facebook ranks them on top of your feed. How does this affect your ad?

Let me tell you this. 90% of people who react to posts about real estate in Facebook are your competitors- real estate agents or realtors like you. They are mostly the ones who join real estate groups, react to posts about real estate for one reason or the other. . Only about 5% to 10% of real estate buyers show interest in your posts. Based on the activities of your competitors, Facebook shows them

Your ads because it believes that real estate is their interest.

1 Real Estate Facebook Ad Mistake You Must Avoid

Keep the subject of the post in mind. Now, this is where your mistake lies. As part of the advertising process, face book presents you with several options when it comes to interest – the people to whom you want face book to show your ad. Who are your interest?

Because you are into real estate, you imagine that your interest should be real estate, and of course, that your ad has to be shown to people who have interest in real estate. Well, you are right in a way, after all, will someone who isn’t interested in real estate buy?

Let’s make it clear. Having interest in real estate is different from wanting to buy a property or invest in real estate. And if we are to get it right, we have to look at it from face book point of view. This is very important because it is what determines whether you will make sales or not. Face book’s definition of one who has interest in real estate is anyone who clicks on real estate posts, joins real estate groups, like or comment on posts about real estate, make posts about real estate. You and I, the realtors are the ones who engage in these activates more. Therefore, we have interest in real estate.

Furthermore, you need to remember that Facebook doesn’t work like Google and other search engine platforms. Property buyers go to Google to search for what they want. This is called organic search. It is a planned action in which the searcher is looking for a solution to his problem. On the contrary, users don’t go to face book to search for solution because providing solution to problems isn’t the original purpose of the Facebook platform. It is only a social platform where the owner takes advantage of the huge number of users to make money through ads. Face book users don’t go to face book to search for solutions or things to buy, rather they stumble on ads.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying Facebook isn’t meant for advertisement. In fact, if you are in business and you don’t advertise on face book you are missing out on potential clients. The point I’m trying to drive home is that the criteria face book uses to measure interest wouldn’t give you the best result. Face book doesn’t know who wants to buy a property, it only uses a compilation of user’s activities to assume what they want. Having the right knowledge – that those who show interest in real estate on face book are mostly your competitors will help you make informed decision on your ads. Think outside the box of real estate. Who then should you target?

In summary

  • Do not target your competitors in your real estate Facebook ad
  • Your competitors are not likely to buy properties from you
  • Think outside the box of real estate
  • your real estate Facebook ad should aim at getting quality leads


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